It was a great month for the stock markets. The US market (S&P500) set new all-time-high ending October with over + 7% gain. The other markets (All World ex-US) also had a decent result at + 2.74%. Value, Momentum, Commodities, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap and the Real Estate are also finishing the month with a very good result.

Below you will find results for September 2021 for selected portfolios/strategies from all available on the blog. Detailed results of all portfolios/strategies can be found on Main Premium Page.

Strategies based on European  ETF-s (UCITS

Strategies based on US ETF-s

Current allocation for individual strategies is available in the UCITS Portfolios or US Portfolios. Strategies GFM, DAA, VIX-Model and ID-Portfolios are available in the Premium tab.

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