Welcome to my website Inwestuj Długoterminowo (Long-term Investing). The name of this website speaks for itself what topics I will discuss here and it will not only be topics related to investing money but also how to invest in yourself so that you can fully enjoy life.

I have been interested in financial markets since 2001. I have no formal economic or other financial education. Investing and finances are simply my passion and I dedicate most of my free time to it. I have gone through all possible investment stages, starting from the simple stock market, then through Forex market, and currently focused on global and systematic approach to the markets.

My background is in ocean engineering and ship technology. Currently I am working in Oil & Gas industry in engineering department.

This blog was created with the idea of systematizing current investing knowledge  and the willingness to share experience with others.


Grzegorz Radziukiewicz

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