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It was one of the worst start of the year in the stock market history. The US market (S&P500) lost more than 5% and performed worse than the rest of the international  markets (VEU). Small Cap and Mid Cap (IJH and IJR) also finished month negative. Value outperformed Momentum. The commodity index finished month with over 11% growth. It was a difficult month for our strategies as well. Those using leverage assets got hit the most.

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A bit late summary of the month but somehow I slowly entered new year and additionally I had to prepare more tables with results than usual. 😊

The month of December brought a rebound on the global markets after November’s declines. All equity markets except the Chinese market ended the month positive. Below is a summary of the results of the main indexes.

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November was a poor month for the equity markets. Most of the weakness took place in the last 5 days. Concerns about the new variant of the Covid-19 virus and recent statement of the head of the Fed where the main reasons of the markets to drop. The US Large Cap were down slightly, and the index of the largest US technology companies was 2% up for the month.

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September ended with a negative result for almost all asset classes. Only Japanese stocks and commodities end the month positive. US small and mid cap stocks (IJH and IJR) outperformed the broad market.

Below you can find results of individual asset classes and strategies presented on the blog.

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